Negotiations exercises for your online course.

Add engagement. Offer personalized feedback. Automatically generate insights for your debrief.


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Unlock the benefits of digital

Supercharge your zoom session.
Go beyond a simple google meet.
Uncover the details within each negotiation.

Popular Negotiations Exercises, Reimaged

Cover the same teaching points and keep your existing syllabus.

Prepare Your Debrief, Automatically

No need to input outcomes or tabulate results.

Personalize Feedback, Effortlessly

Dig into a dyad’s discussion and see how they arrived at a deal, or didn’t.

Going Digital = More Data = New Insights

Go beyond recording negotiation outcomes and create vibrant data for your research.

Topics To Help Teach The Basics

Use one activity or deploy them all! 

Single-Issue Negotiation

Case: Energetics

Northwestern | Kellogg | DRRC

Negative Bargaining Zones

Case: Zephyr

Northwestern | Kellogg | DRRC


Multi-Issue Negotiation

Case: New Recruit
Northwestern | Kellogg | DRRC



Northwestern | Kellogg | DRRC


Case: Heed The Market
Northwestern | Kellogg | DRRC


Prisoner's Dilemma

Case: Retail Ice Cream