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Interactive online education through engaging, serious games

We build games that complement your lecture.

Our mission is to work with subject matter experts
to drive innovation and excitement in the classroom.
Together, we are building tools to help you teach better.

Learn By Doing

Students apply theory to make decisions in realistic scenarios

Build an engaging shared experience

Trusted by Wharton & Kellogg

Designed by professors,
validated with students.

Innovate alongside industry leaders.

Easy to add

Short experiences you can sprinkle into your existing syllabus.

Prepare less, impact more.

Problems we solve.

I don’t like “just reading” to students

It’s too much effort to lecture for 2 hours straight

Activities bring some humanity to an excercise

Love to see engaged students, talking to each other

Exposing students to what
fellow classmates are thinking of

Help students understand the context

Hear and see “quiet ones” perk up

Our academic partners help make it possible

We work with professors and professionals from premier universities to bring business concepts to life.

The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University

  • I don’t like this game, I love it. SimCase has the technical know-how, the vision, and the interpersonal skills to fundamentally change the way I teach.
    Maurice Schweitzer
    Professor at the Wharton School
  • “SimCase is attentive to every detail from design to development to setup and delivery, making them one of Wharton Learning Lab’s most trusted partners in this space.”
    Wharton Learning Lab
  • “It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with people who are so clearly and cleanly dedicated to crafting exemplary learning experiences and augmenting the work of faculty.”
    Megan Kashner
    Clinical Assistant Professor & Director of Social Impact, Kellogg Public-Private Interface (KPPI)

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Our team is a mix of builders, gamers, and professionals seeking to improve how we skill-up for the future.

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