microphone at seminar room

tl;dr: Instructors use a SimCase to inject a quick dose of engagement. That means every instructor touchpoint serves this end. It’s our job to be done.  

The email arrived at night. An instructor wanted to add an engagement exercise to a class session the next morning. Thankfully, she had come to the right place.

. . . − − − . . .

We only needed three details to get started: 1) the session’s teaching objective; 2) if there were any preferred groupings; and, 3) if we should invoice her institution or have the students pay directly. Five minutes and a couple emails later she had a direct-access link in her inbox and all she had to do was click “Launch” when she wanted the students to get started. Adding a SimCase was designed to be straightforward and quick, just like the educational experience it delivers.


While this could have been accomplished through our self-service marketplace, we continue to offer live support since we understand the apprehension innate in adding something new to your classroom. While we’ve seen more instructors explore the benefits of educational games and simulations since the pandemic, we understand that students can be demanding and vocal so there isn’t much room for error. As a result, we built and have tested our exercises with that context in mind. Plus, as we’ve seen the shift to remote learning, we’ve doubled down on our efforts to support instructors by creating a seamless learning experience that they can debrief and reflect upon.

That experience starts at setup, and it’s why we offer advanced set-up, real-time sign-up, as well as accommodations for late arrivals. It’s also why we moved away from passwords, and have always stayed away from the need to download content. All of these decisions are guided by a singular focus on the job to be done – making digital exercises easy to use so that more instructors will use them.

Laptop and toolbox on top.


The mission at SimCase is to facilitate student engagement at the graduate, undergraduate, and increasingly at the high-school level. We believe that serving as a simple-to-use tool in the instructor’s toolkit gives us the best chance at meeting our mission. Although we are an edtech company, we still believe that the core value of education is still derived from the instructor. Even the latest large language models fundamentally aspire to mimic an analog instructor, and for the moment have only met with varying degrees of success. In contrast, SimCase is focused on building, deploying, and supporting software designed to complement the instructor. Every product decision we make is framed by this job to be done, and that has helped us convert instructors who request trials into new users, while keeping those users coming back year after year.

SimCase understands that our games are not a stand-alone destination, but instead a waypoint along the learning journey where students and teachers can reflect on a powerful shared experience. Oftentimes, that experience begins with an email requesting a free trial, demo, or even a request for help setting up a session in the dead of night. So if you are exploring ways to add engagement to an existing class, an online course, or even an upcoming conference or webinar, we hope you’ll consider adding a short, yet powerful SimCase experience.