Welcome to the Student Guide for Heed The Market.

Below we outline the key takeaways and tips on how to extract additional insights from the student experience.


You'll play the role of Hiring Manager and are responsible for submitting salary offers to candidates who have passed through all interview rounds for your company.  You can ask the candidates about what offers they've received elsewhere to help inform salary decisions.   Overall, you will travel to 3 cities, each with 6 candidates to produce a total of 18 final offers.

Success is based on two factors:

  • Acceptance Rate (%): Players with a higher acceptance rate will outperform their peers.
  • Average Salary ($):  Players with a lower average salary will outperform their peers.


The game consists of three basic steps:

  • Step 1: Review Candidate profile information (including name and demographics)
  • Step 2: Submit an initial offer to the candidate
  • Step 3: Submit a final offer after reviewing offers from other firms to the candidate