Welcome to the Student Guide for Social Impact, $50M for Change.


$50M for Change is a Social Impact exercise built by Professor Megan Kashner from Northwestern University.

As a student, you have the opportunity to invest a total of $10 million over the span of five years with the goal of addressing the challenges inherent to the issues of opportunity-youth (NEETs) in their home state.  In this exercise, it is assumed that there will be no future capital expected.

There are 2 stages you need to follow to ensure your $10 million is optimally invested:

  • Stage 1a: Craft your overall strategy
  • Stage 1b: Define the tactics that will support your strategy, and detail how you intend to deploy your investments
  • Stage 2: Collaborate with others to find synergies and potentially craft a group plan


You'll complete your plan in 3 steps:

  1. Craft your strategy
  2. Build your tactics
  3. Potentially collaborate on a joint plan

For specific details we set up a quick walkthrough video for you: