Welcome to the Student Guide for NEG: Prisoner's Dilemma.

Below we outline the key takeaways and tips on how to extract additional insights from the student experience.


This game is designed to complement lectures that touch upon the dynamics present in a prisoner's dilemma.

The learner takes on the role of Product Manager at a regional ice cream company. Each week, learners will set that weekend's pricing strategy with the goal of generating maximum profit. Luckily, learners only have one major competitor to contend with in the region. To compete, you can either discount your ice cream or sell at the regular price. Your analyst has built an outcome table to guide your decision

At some point in the quarter, your manager will sit down to review your performance. Remember that your goal is to generate maximum profit for your company.

The game consists of three basic steps:

  • Step 1: Review the outcome table prepared by your team
  • Step 2: For each week, decide if you will offer products at regular price or a discounted price
  • Step 3: Review your performance for the prior week and how to respond to your counterpart's decision

Step 1: Review Outcome Table

Once you have reviewed the role description, you will be taken to a decision screen where you can review the outcome table and select your preferred pricing strategy.

Step 2: Select Pricing Strategy

Select a pricing strategy for that week by clicking on the button below the outcome table.

Once you have submitted your preferred pricing strategy, please confirm your selection.

Step 3: Review Your Results

Once you confirm your selection you will be immediately taken to a results screen for that week.

The first screen will profile how your prior week's decision compared to your counterpart's and how that impacted your profit.

Use the carousel to review pricing decisions and profit outcomes for all prior weeks.

Keep in mind that at some point in the quarter, your manager will sit down to review your performance and that your goal is to generate maximum profit for your company!