SimCase offers digital negotiations exercises that provide visibility into what actually happens when students interact. Interested in seeing more? Check out our game portfolio.

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Richer Insights For Instructors

Our games illuminate details that reinforce key teaching points.

Highlight Relevant Insights

The debrief automatically identifies negotiations that manifest best practices or common pitfalls. That makes it easy for instructors to target the discussion and streamline the learning.

Reveal The Context

Add color to what participants remember about their negotiation. Tap into the actual text with a simple click and discuss the context that influenced each offer.

Real-Time Results

No need to compile results or build charts. Instead, results are available instantly and thoughtfully presented to reinforce teaching points.

I don’t like this game, I love it. SimCase has the technical know-how, the vision, and the interpersonal skills to fundamentally change the way I teach.

Maurice Schweitzer, PhD

— Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions | The Wharton School

Personalized Feedback

Each learner receives a breakdown of their decisions

Strengths + Opportunities: Each learner can easily review the details of their negotiation, reflect on what they did well, and review opportunities to improve.

Counterparty Input: In multiplayer experiences, users can read through what their counterpart has to say about the experience

Review Anytime: Perspective changes with time and context, which is why this personalized feedback is accesible long after the game is over.

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Learn On Your Schedule

Using artificial intelligence, our negotiation partners are ready when you are.

Negotiator Personalities

Learn to identify challenging negotiators, and how to adapt your strategy.

Multi-Party Negotiations

Tackle a complex scenario and bridge the gaps between various stakeholders in a single negotiation.

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Cover the basics, or dig deeper into specific teaching points using SimCase games.

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