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SimCase offers simple games that help bring math skills up to speed. Need to reinforce basic concepts? Check out our game portfolio.

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Memorable Learning Experiences

Users apply concepts in real business scenarios, while instructors can access automated insights into each user's performance.

Highlight Relevant Insights

The debrief automatically identifies negotiations that manifest best practices or common pitfalls. That makes it easy for instructors to target the discussion and streamline the learning.

Flexible Use-Cases

Our portfolio offers some games that can be used live and in large groups, as well as games that can be used invdividually and on your own time.

Real-Time Results

No need to compile results or build charts. Instead, results are available instantly and thoughtfully presented to reinforce teaching points.


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Learn On Your Schedule

Using artificial intelligence, our full suite of game expereinces available when you are.


Mix and match new skills, then share your progress with peers.

New Concepts

New games are currently in development so check back regularly to review our concept library.

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Cover the basics, or dig deeper into specific teaching points using SimCase games.

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