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We believe that active learning is a critical component of the future of education. That's why we are building games that make learning by doing accesible to adults wherever they choose to learn.

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Acknowledging Unmet Promise

Five years after the year of the MOOC, we decided to dig into the course abandonment and poor perception plaguing online learning. Higher quality video, quizzes, and the emergence of micro-lectures and micro-credentials all signaled that the sector was evolving to improve the quality of content available online. Still, a piece of the puzzle is missing, and its absence continues to undermine the promise of online education.

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Study What Works

We started by searching for what good on-campus courses shared. Student surveys and instructor interviews repeatedly highlighted one common characteristic: active learning. This methodology was also bolstered by research regarding learning outcomes, so we began to study why it wasn’t more commonplace on campus, or online.

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Consider Historical Limitations

Countless stakeholder discussions led us to conclude that the main culprit was time. Until recently, the landscape for active learning was largely limited to case discussions, large-format simulations, and makeshift games. These alternatives required too much time to prepare, too much time to use, and too much time to adapt an existing syllabus. As a result, switching costs appear to have impaired the reach and impact of this high-potential approach.

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Survey New Approaches

We began to explore how to deliver the benefits of active learning while reducing the time required to do so. Leveraging technology was one core pillar of our approach, as was a very purposeful approach to design. Incorporating insights from sectors beyond education, we began to publish short-form games that were quick to deploy, easy to use, and promise to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

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Consider How to Scale Impact

To date, thousands of students have played our games in classrooms around the world and we continue publish new games that span additional subject matter. Moreover, while we began in traditional classrooms, we know that adults now learn in less traditional settings. As complements to existing content, our games are now popping up at workplaces, conferences, and wherever people decide to learn by doing.

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